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About Jessica

Jessica Rotondo is the founder and owner of Becada Russell Terriers.  Jessica began in the world of dogs around 2003, at the age of 6, when her parents allowed her to rescue a mixed breed from the local shelter and begin 4H with her.  Jessica grew up in 4H and AKC Junior Showmanship, and continued to show dogs through college and law school.  Jessica now works as an attorney, but puts her heart into her dogs and her breeding program.  

Jessica's Story

Jessica began in 4H approximately 20 years ago with her rescue mixed breed.  After working with her in showmanship, obedience, and agility, Jessica fell in love with the showmanship aspect and wanted to compete in the American Kennel Club's Junior Showmanship competition.  Needing a purebred dog for this competition, her parents bought her a dog, a Whippet named Payne, that had not turned out for conformation shows, but was still eligible for Junior Showmanship.  Jessica was soon drawn to the herding breeds, and acquired an Australian Shepherd, and later a Belgian Tervuren.  Jessica was also curious about sporting breeds and got an English Springer Spaniel to "borrow" for Junior Showmanship that ended up living with her until she passed 14 years later.  ​


For high school, Jessica attended an animal science and agriculture program, which allowed her to explore different career options.  While Jessica's childhood dream was to become a veterinarian, she quickly learned that she did not enjoy dissection and the bloody part of the profession.  Jessica was also able to compete in Future Famers of America competitions, and was qualified to compete at the National Convention two years.  During this time she continued to show in Junior Showmanship and Conformation.  At the age of 15 and 16, Jessica began traveling with a professional dog handler on weekends and learned about several new breeds.  During this time, Jessica was offered a Belgian Malinois puppy which was the grandson of the top Malinois in the country.  After raising the puppy for a few years, she was able to get the dog ranked to number 2 in the breed in the country, behind his grandfather.  At 17 years old, Jessica also met George and Betty Barth of Gebeba Petite & Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, and began showing dogs for their kennel and learning from them as successful breeders for several decades. 


Over the years Jessica continued to show dogs for Gebeba and was honored to be a co-breeder on several litters.​Despite having several school commitments and graduating college in three years, Jessica continued to show dogs and learn from Gebeba PBGVs.  This included learning structure of sound dogs, how to raise and train puppies, as well as grooming a wire coated breed.  One summer, Jessica flew to Texas for two months to work for David and Jennifer Harper.  As a live-in assistant she learned all aspects of dog care on a large scale, as well as managing a kennel, and grooming and showing several new breeds.   ​


After graduating from Delaware Valley University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, Jessica began attending law school at the University of Baltimore School of Law.  Realizing that a Belgian Malinois or Tervuren was not the ideal choice to live in the middle of Baltimore City, Jessica began considering a new breed that would be a big dog in a little package.  After watching the new breed to AKC, Russell Terriers,  Jessica began inquiring about the breed.  She then met Christy Rebehn of Hunter's Moon Russell Terriers, who was gracious enough to take a chance on a new person to the breed.  Jessica only planned to have one Russell as a fun learning experience, but was soon hooked on the breed.  After a couple years, Christy offered Jessica the opportunity to co-own an import from Argentina.  Polo was Jessica's first competitive Russell Terrier, who has won numerous awards at the prestigious Montgomery Kennel Club and AKC National Championship shows.  In 2020, Jessica graduated law school and was offered a position at the Department of Justice through the prestigious honor's program.


​In 2020, Jessica co-bred her first litter of Russell Terriers in collaboration with Hunter's Moon Russell Terriers.  This litter produced Margo, Jessica's first home bred Russell Terrier champion.  While Jessica was eager for many years to put her knowledge of pedigrees, structure, and puppy raising to work to start her own breeding program, she waited for the right time to start up her program.  She now has a few dogs that have been selected to  continue her breeding program.  All of her dog live in her home and are members of her family.  She still shows her own dogs, and enjoys continuing learn about all aspects of the dog show and breeding world.  

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