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Becada Russell Terriers had its first litter in 2020, but the history of Jessica's journey of dogs and the Russell Terrier breed goes back much further.  Each litter is carefully planned according to our mission and philosophy.

Jack Russell Terrier looking at historical site in Fredericksburg

Mission & Philosophy 

Becada Russell Terriers strives to breed top tier terriers by combining the best pedigrees from around the world.  Our goal is breed terriers that are structurally sound, exude breed type, and are free of genetic health conditions so that they can excel in the show ring, dog sports, or as companions.  Each breeding is planned carefully, considering not only the two parents, but several generations back, studying the dogs in the pedigree to ensure that the best lines are being combined.  We further believe that line breeding is an effective tool in a program, which "doubles up" on common ancestors, but further back in the pedigree.  Such a practice helps to solidify the best Russell Terrier traits in our puppies.

Puppy Raising

While combining the best bloodlines is an excellent start, we believe that there is more to creating future stars and top tier companions.  Birth to 12 weeks old is a critical period of a puppy's life.  We raise all of our puppies in our dining room where they are exposed to day to day life.  We also provide early neurological stimulations and raise the puppies on the "Puppy Culture" program.  Please see our puppy information page for more information. 

Jack Russell Terrier puppies running and playing
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