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AKC Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale

Updated 1/20/24:  


Spring 2024 Litter:

We plan to breed Gordita in early spring and we have a very special stud dog planned.  Stud dog will be announced after the breeding is confirmed.  He meets all of the health testing requirements for our breeding program.  A waiting list has been started and spots are extremely limited.  Please reach out soon if you would like to be considered for a puppy.

Summer 2024 Litter:

We plan to breed Java this year, with puppies likely due in the summer.  This breeding will be in collaboration with Hunter's Moon Russell Terriers.  Stud dog will be announced after breeding is confirmed.

For more information about our puppies, please visit our Puppy Information page.  If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies, please complete our Puppy Application

Because we put so much time into raising our puppies, we only have a couple litters each year.  As we have a higher demand for puppies than we are able to fulfill we recommend that those serious about our puppies get on our waiting list.

Before you continue your puppy search, we ask that you consider proper puppy etiquette.  When you start looking for the right breeder for you rather than looking for a puppy, you will be on the track to getting an exceptional puppy.  While we know that all puppies are adorable, waiting for the right one will allow you to have your perfect companion for the rest of their life.  

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