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Puppy Information

About Our Russell Terrier Puppies

Our main goal in breeding is preserve the Russell Terrier breed, continue our line, and breed dogs that conform to the AKC standard.  Each litter is carefully planned long before the breeding takes place or the puppies are born.  Hours are poured into studying pedigree databases and examining potential stud dogs at shows.  We breed only a couple litters each year so that we can put the time and attention to each puppy to cultivate their individual personalities and give them the best start to life.  All of our puppies our raised in our home and provided as much socialization as possible.

"Saying 'I don't need a dog from a breeder who shows' is like saying 'I don't need a house from a builder who builds to code.'" ~ Unknown

Health Testing

We believe in health testing to prove each of our dogs pass on genetics that will keep their puppies living long and health lives.  We start with a DNA test from Wisdom, which tests for over 200 genetic disorders including Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) and other known concerns in the breed.  We also have their patellas examined to determine that there is no luxation, as well as complete eye and hearing exams.  

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Puppy Raising

We do early neurological stimulation with the puppies from 3 to 16 days old, which has been shown to improve their stress responses later in life.  We then move into the Puppy Culture program, a training and socialization program promoting problem solving and communication.  Each litter and puppy is unique, and we move at a pace that works for them.  Puppy Culture is a very hands-on program that takes several hours each week, but we think it is worth it after hearing from our puppy owners that their puppies are so well adjusted and trainable.  Our puppies start going home at 8 weeks old, but you can continue the Puppy Culture program through 12 weeks at home.  All of our puppies are raised in our dining room and are exposed to the noises and everyday life.  We also try to expose them to as many new people and animals as is safe before they have all of their vaccinations. 

How Much is a Puppy?

The most frequent question asked!  Our pet puppies (limited registration only) are $2,500.  Limited registration means that they may not be shown in conformation shows or be bred.  Show prospect puppies may be negotiated separately.

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