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The Story Behind the Name


We often get asked how we came up with our kennel name.  Our name is was created by considering the dogs that helped Jessica along her journey in the world of dog shows and breeding.  

English Springer Spaniel in Fall leaves

"Be" for Bella

Kistmet Twilight "Bella"

12/04/08 - 12/04/22

Bella was Jessica's Junior Showmanship dog for several years through middle and high school, but was truly Jessica's best friend.  While Bella never gained a championship, she taught Jessica several aspects of dog care, conditions, and handling.  Bella was Jessica's support through college, law school, and her first job.

"c" for Caden

Champion Broadcreek's City of Dreams

Caden was given to Jessica after she suddenly lost her first Belgian Malinois.  Caden helped Jessica heal from the loss and went on to become a successful show dog as well.

Belgian Malinois Harrisburg Kennel Club
Mixed breed dog

"a" for Abby

Abby was Jessica's first dog ever, which her parents allowed her to rescue from the shelter only on the condition that Jessica begin 4H to learn how to train and care for her.  Abby was a sweet and loving dog, that was so patient and kind with a young child just learning about dogs.

"d" for Dray

Grand Champion Broadcreek's Storm Warning 

Dray was Jessica's first Belgian Malinois and puppy that she raised on her own.  Jessica competed Dray's championship quickly and continued to show him.  Dray was ranked No. 2 Belgian Malinois in 2012 and won Best of Breed at the AKC National Championship that year.  Dray was invited to Westminster the following year, but sadly passed away unexpectedly from an undiagnosed heart condition.  

Belgian Malinoin winning at AKC National Championship
Belgian Tervuren at Nebraska National Specialty

"a" for Ares

Champion Aftershock Ares of Daraden 

Ares was given to Jessica to compete in Junior Showmanship.  While Ares was already older at this time, him and Jessica still had lots of success in the ring.  Ares made Jessica fall in love with the Belgian breeds. 

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